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SPRO takes "carrying forward the national brand and producing products to protect human health" as its responsibility
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  • 2002

    Hong Kong head office was established
    Hong Kong head office was established
  • 2006

    SPRO Medical Products (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. was set up.
    SPRO has obtained the production license of medical supplies in China and set up a modern factory in Xiamen.
  • 2008

    SPRO became one of the designated suppliers of Hong Kong Hospital Authority.
    SPRO was widely used among hospitals all over Hong Kong with unanimous acclaim from the industry.
  • 2010

    GMP international management system Taiwan Medical Management Institute Certificate
    In 2010, with the introduction of GMP international management system, SPRO upgrade and improve the plant equipment and working environment to reach international level.
    SPRO has also been authorized by Taiwan medical administration since 2010.
  • 2012

    SPRO obtained multiple international certificates such as ISO、CE、FDA.
    With the international recognition on quality, SPRO strived to expand European and American markets and currently serves clients from all over the world.
  • 2014

    SPRO introduced fully automatic manufacturing machine and became designated supplier of Chinese Ministry of Public Security.
    In 2014, SPRO introduced fully automatic production line and set up clean room to assure product quality, improve production capacity and keep pace with the times.
    SPRO became a designated supplier of Chinese Ministry of Public Security and a R&D unit of anti-haze mask.
  • 2020

    During 2016 to 2018, SPRO set up R&D center and was awarded “China's top ten anti-haze mask brands”
    SPRO set up professional R&D center in Hong Kong Science Park and cooperated with China Shipbuilding Industry to develop new materials and smart mask.
    SPRO was awarded “China's top ten anti-haze mask brands”, “Science and Technology giant” and “High tech enterprise navigator”.
  • 2020

    Since 2019, SPRO has been supplying aid and support to combat the fight with COVID-19 and awarded “first choice of brand for mask purchase”
    Facing the sudden pandemic situation of COVID-19, SPRO has been fulfilling the social responsibility of a great company-focusing on the production end, making great efforts to maintain product quality and fully ensuring the supply of medical goods for pandemic prevention and control, which leads SPRO to the first choice for mask purchase among numerous caring donors.

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