20000 only!! This time, they came to the city aid station with masks.

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20000 only!! This time, they came to the city aid station with masks.

Here they come again

20000 only

! ! !

On the morning of July 30,

Gongli (Xiamen) Medical Supplies Co., Ltd.

Donated 20000 anti-epidemic masks to the city's relief station,

Zou Ruiqing webmaster and other station leaders, company manager Wang Xiaohong and other 6 people

On behalf of the company to attend the donation ceremony.



Sincerely thank you

After the donation ceremony, the two sides held a warm and friendly forum, Zou Ruiqing webmaster to bow company's charity, expressed sincere gratitude and sincere respect, and introduced the basic situation of our station, especially this year's epidemic prevention and control efforts. Manager Wang Xiaohong expressed his admiration for my active role in the prevention and control of the epidemic and for providing timely and effective assistance to vagrants and beggars who have no means of living.


The representatives of Gongli company felt that by participating in this donation activity, they had a more direct and profound understanding of the relief work of vagrants and beggars. Carrying out such public welfare donation activities can not only provide strong help for vulnerable groups, but also promote the company's own construction and development. It not only gives everyone a new understanding of the significance of relief work, It also helps to enhance the social responsibility of the company's employees, I hope that together with the rescue station, we can continue to make contributions to the rescue of vagrants and beggars.



The current outbreak, the mission is on the shoulder. Gongli Company actively demonstrates the spirit of responsibility, fully fulfills its social responsibility, and takes the initiative to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic, which is worth learning and carrying forward.   


About Bow Stand

Gongli takes "promoting national brands and producing products that protect the health of all mankind" as its mission, and adheres to the management concept of "continuous innovation and ingenuity", through the analysis of different industries, environments, ages, and face shapes, to understand consumers' usage habits, Use the environment, and continuously improve materials, appearance design, and packaging methods; The introduction of advanced production equipment, the establishment of international level production line, with advanced manufacturing technology, relying on strict medical quality management system, carefully create comfortable and safe medical products.






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