"No matter how difficult it is, there is no complaint. I just want to produce faster and more"

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A battle against the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic has pushed the medical protection material factory to the "front line" of the battle ". Workers, two shifts; production materials, global dispatch; machines, 24 hours a day ...... In the face of the need to fight the epidemic, with the support of government dispatch and the whole society, enterprises face all kinds of difficulties and choose to produce, produce, produce at full capacity!

At noon, in the temporary canteen of Gongli (Xiamen) Medical supplies Co., Ltd., more than 60 workers entered the meal in batches. Wash hands, eat rice, sit apart, take off masks and eat in a hurry, then go to the sink to wash dishes, wash hands, and then go to the workshop. The whole process was quick and quiet.


In order to support the frontline, they are all working hard. "Arrange an hour to eat and rest at noon. In fact, everyone will basically finish it within half an hour and continue to work. Gong Li (Xiamen) company production workshop responsible person Wang will tell reporters. She said that due to the shortage of manpower, the company can only arrange workers to "work in two shifts", with an average of more than 11 hours per shift per day. She spent New Year's Eve eating instant noodles in the workshop.


The production workshop is closed. Across the transparent glass on the workshop door, the reporter saw that the workers entering the workshop had no extra communication and were busy loading materials, operating machines to sew and then packaging. Occasionally multiple machines need to be taken care of and workers will trot to view them.

Wen Xianjing, manager of Gongli (Xiamen) Company, told reporters that as of February 3, the company's production capacity had returned to 200000 masks per day, 20000 of which were N95 masks. The company plans to make the production capacity reach 600 thousands or 700 thousands within a week. "At present, most workers are temporarily recruited and trained by the company at three times the salary, and the production capacity will continue to rise after they are skilled. "he said.


Up to now, Xiamen has more than 10 masks, protective clothing and other anti-epidemic materials enterprises have resumed production. In the face of high-intensity work, the need to make a lot of phone calls to coordinate the transportation of materials, and the still increasing production tasks, no one complains, just want to produce more.