In 2020, we are on the front line in this special war "epidemic".

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In 2020, we are on the front line in this special war

In the face of the epidemic, Gongli (Xiamen) Medical Products Co., Ltd., as the largest mask manufacturer in Xiamen (mainly exported to Japan), actively responded to the call of the country, immediately stopped the supply of orders from Japan, gave full play to its own corporate advantages, mobilized employees to return to work and production, and invested in the production of prevention and control medical supplies in a strong and orderly manner, making positive contributions to maintaining the overall stability of society.


1. Respond to the call and fight the "active battle".



The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. In the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Gongli Medical actively abides by the government's instructions, takes the initiative to accept the work task, and works overtime to ensure the normal operation of production with the production process exported to Japan as the standard.




Second, the responsibility is shouldered and the "tough battle" is fought



大年初一,公司便紧急动员工人提前复工,并协调熔喷布等原 料多方采购储备,为恢复口罩生产奠定了良好基础。生产车间 24 小时连轴转,在工厂两班倒的运行机制下,每个工人每天工 作达 12 个小时,满负荷生产,只为奋力完成生产任务。

 “为需要我们口罩的人做一点事情,这是自己一个心愿。口罩生产线员工张灵玲对同安卫视的记者说到。老家在湖南的张 灵玲,今年春节正巧没有回去过年,收到厂里召唤,她便立刻 回到生产线上和工友们一起加班赶工,全力以赴增加市场口罩供应。


三、     保质保量,打好品质战



公司 15 年来主要以生产医用级口罩为主。目前,在所有同事 的共同努力下,依靠自身技术优势与产品质量管控——公司每天可 生产 200 余万只医用级口罩(含医用外科口罩、医用防护口罩) KN95 口罩、医用防护服等。尽管如此,公司依然保持着质不赶量,在每天高产能的前提下,公司还是坚持着出口国外的产品品质, 特殊时期也未降低生产标准。

一、     政府重视,领导关怀




2 1 日,李克强总理通过远程视频连线慰问公司员工,对加班加点 工作的工人们表示辛苦慰问。



3 25 日,省、市领导一行到生产车间,查看生产设备运行情况, 详细了解公司运行情况、生产进度和调拨情况,对公司为保障口罩供 应付出的努力表示感谢。



On March 3, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission visited the mask production line of the company to understand the company's production process and raw material supply, and encouraged the company to actively organize production under the premise of ensuring production safety.


2. Fight the epidemic together, protect with one heart, and contribute to the strength of the enterprise

Yutachi is a global comprehensive medical supplies company with a wide range of business distribution, mainly exporting to Japan for a long time. When the epidemic broke out, Gong Li fully cooperated with the national policy to allocate resources in a unified manner, pushed off all foreign mask orders, and handed over all the masks produced daily to government agencies at all levels. Gongli Medical uses actions to fulfill the promise of "being open-minded, rushing and standing up at critical moments".



 As of April 4, Gongli Medical has transported a total of 15,4354,445 masks, including 95.65 N95 medical masks; 40,178 surgical masks; 08,4069,57 ordinary medical masks; 0,845,<> for other civilian use (including children's masks, etc.); <>,<> medical protective clothing. The number of masks allocated accounts for the highest proportion of the total allocation in the country, which has effectively alleviated the shortage of protective materials in various places.


"The general secretary also talked about our original intention and determination at the group meeting, we do this day and night, it is our original intention and our determination, we must do our best to serve the demand. Wang Hui, the company's production manager, told reporters.

There is no winter that is insurmountable, and there is not a spring that will not come. We are always committed to practicing the beautiful vision of "healthy life, bow standing to cover you", and fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise - take the initiative to overcome difficulties, focus on the production end, and strictly grasp the quality of productsWe will make every effort to ensure the supply of medical supplies for prevention and control, and make greater contributions to winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control!


Bow standing people, bow standing dreams, bow standing in action! We believe that with one heart, there is no mountain that cannot be climbed; Hand in hand, there is no hurdle that cannot be crossed. Let us strengthen our confidence and work together to embrace the spring blossoms of tomorrow!